AlConnX is an online alumni networking portal. The objective of this platform is  to bring together existing and past students (Alumni) and academic faculty of an institution in an engaging, informative and collaborative platform. The portal features a member profile directory, facilitates open communication using messages/blogs/forum posts/media, capture and share memories of various institute events and functions and organise meetups and other events.


Below are some of the salient features of the Alumni Connexion Portal ( AlConnX )

Member Dashboard

Member dashboard home page provides one pane insight into aggregated activity feeds on an elegant timeline, network stats, post/share new updates and quick links to other functions.

Member Directory

List connexions within the members active contact lists, enables easy browsing and searching of members, enhance interaction by suggesting colleagues, review and rate members, like and share members and link prediction.


Members can create focussed group around any common topic, interest, activity etc. These smaller community enables activity feed, hosts group events, share group photos, message all with privacy control and group moderation .


Event planner and organiser to plan, publicise, invite and hosts online and onsite events and meetups. List all past, current and upcoming events. Create new events , comment/blog on events with event management controls incl  price, time , venue map and capacity planning.


Appeals to blogger within alumni members to write , publish and share blogs among their contacts and public. Browse shared blogs across various categories, import blogs, write new blogs using full fledged web editor, comment/tag/social publish etc.


A multi-level forum board with topics categorised within a forum or sub-forum headline. Create forum posts using inbuild web editor, attach files and embed photos and media link within post, rate/comment on shared posts, search for specific forum and moderate them.

Photos /Media Share

Capture and share memories of events and functions by neatly organising photos and videos in albums across categories. Features user-friendly browsing, slide show or stream with media-control, tag/rate/share/comment/download/upload photos and media to albums.

Responsive View

All features are 100% responsive and seamlessly adapts to any internet enabled mobile/ tablet/ laptop/ desktop screens on all modern browsers including iOS/Android ones. Latest web technology features provide native app like layout on mobile devices across multiple themes/skins.

Admin & Security

Overall Admin management control panel to manage members, manage abuse, broadcast messages sitewide, view site and server statistics and control access using fine-grained security features across entire portal.

Interested to know more or setup up a trial service for your Institute? Please fill the contact form here with your contacts and query / requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You may download our EduConnX services portfolio brochure here.